Feliu Serra

Feliu is currently employed at the Barcelona Supercomputing center as a Data Scientist, where he has participated in several projects over the last year such as the Cuéntalo analysis and visualization.

He did his undergraduate studies in Economics at UPF, where he specialized in Data Science, to after do a MSc in Statistics at LSE in London. On the one hand, Economics allowed him to gain a broader perspective about causal methods in social science while developing his analytical skills. On the other hand, statistics provided all the necessary tools and mathematics to develop the most advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques.

Having worked in several projects, from a spinal surgery outcome predictor, developing a machine learning decision support application for personalized informed consent, to measuring economic impacts of earthquake on different countries measuring satellite light data, he has worked on a wide range of areas. In addition, he has strong programming skills which allows him to develop the best applications and models for the different solutions required for each project.

His current research includes work on gentrification and urban activity exploring mobile antenna and census data. All in all, he is a versatile data scientist with a strong knowledge of statistical learning methods but also in econometrics and forecasting techniques.